innovation hub


Our concept of innovation extends far beyond simply the product: For us, innovation begins with the development of innovative ideas together with yarn manufacturers, suppliers and partners.

It continues in our work together with the machinery manufacturers, where we develop not only the fabric, but the machines themselves. The constant modernization and further development of our company locations is also part of our innovation process. This enables us to embody our claim of “design to manufacturing” and “design to cost” from the process perspective encompassing the current market requirements. As an innovation leader, we work beyond our textile added value chain with numerous industrial partners, research institutions, yarn manufacturers, suppliers and our customers’ own development departments. This means that we can fill all of the requirements related and unrelated to textiles, from films, yarns, non-woven fabrics, plastics and other materials right through to electronic components, added values, smart values and smart fabrics. In all this we act both as a producer and a service provider, organizing the complete product for our customers and functioning as a contractual and contact partner throughout the entire process.

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innovation hub
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