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Re:Space stands for sustainably developed and produced technical textiles. We implement a complete recycling loop that begins with the raw material and continues through to its application in the end product and beyond to reuse.
The loop is further expanded by the fundamental possibility of using recycled material as raw material, thereby not only completing the recycling loop, but also helping to prevent existing mountains of waste from growing any bigger.

With our RE:SPACE products, we actively contributes to reducing the world’s overall plastic waste. The concept can be rounded off by using plastics fished out of the world’s oceans as raw materials. Over time these plastics in the water are reduced to microplastics, which are already known to represent a danger to the global ecosystem. The potential impact of this threat has yet to be fully determined. This product concept is constantly growing, and more articles are set be added. These efforts are complemented by our work to present Re:Space versions of existing products in the future and by adopting persuasive new solution approaches for our product range and processes from our suppliers. In the future, we anticipate a particularly significant rise in demand for textiles made from recycled materials for applications in the automobile industry.

RE:SPACE products are manufactured in a fully integrated production sequence at our manufacturing facilities in Tübingen, Germany. We map short communication distances and interlinked processes that are constantly undergoing optimisation. Since the processes involved in textile manufacture and finishing require large amounts of energy, our goal is to reduce these energy needs by using the appropriate materials and developing new processes. The exhaust air used in manufacturing textile fabrics is subjected to additional thermal cleaning, and the heat generated in the process is supplied to the municipal district heating network.

Using this regenerative thermal oxidation system enables us to supply the public with some 3.8 GWh of heat annually, representing carbon dioxide savings of 700 t. As an ISO 50001-certified company, we are required to verify all such savings.

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