May 14, 2021


High-quality metal optics, noble shine. This is an appearance that one does not necessarily expect when thinking about recycling and usage in automotive interiors.

With the „WIRKUNGSVOLL“ collection, which deals with precisely these contrary conditions, components are combined that deal with high-quality design, the advantages of warp-knitting technology and the very latest topic: sustainability.

However, this must not be implemented at the expense of contemporary design. Two striking warp-knitted fabrics for the automotive interior show, that this can be cobined.

Black Sterling – Doubleface with holestructure
Grey Sterling – Checkerboard-look

Both articles are 100% made of one material, so they are single-origin and recyclable. In addition, the problem of oxidation is excluded.
The “sterling” color underlines the high-quality appearance, which at the same time has a subtle, elegant effect and shows different reflections depending on the incidence of light on the fibers. The textiles show a strong reflection in extreme light, in weak light the surface can appear completely mat. Just like precious metals as raw material or highly polished.

These warp-knitted fabrics meets the necessary technical reqirements, e.g. as roller blinds.