May 12, 2021


We from Rökona develop and produce technical textiles with sustainable approaches. One of them is the conscientious use of raw materials.

The “SEAQUAL INITIATIVE” certification is one of the best known that we have received for our textiles and thus make a contribution to the verifiable cleansing of the seas. The most current topic at the time is the recycling of existing raw materials. This also applies to polyester, which is probably one of the most interesting plastics for recycling. The development of the demand in the market has made a big step forward. This opens up new opportunities for us. We contribute to improving the climate by reprocessing existing, processed raw materials to freeing the oceans of plastic waste at once. Seaqual ensures a transparent process. As a medium-sized company, we also see our task on site in Baden-Württemberg. Our job: We have to reduce our carbon footprint.

With full conviction and pride, we present a Seaqual-certified textile that meets the technical requirements of mobility.