January 05, 2022

the highest distinction

The German Design Awards are the premium award of the German Design Council. With its worldwide spectrum and international appeal, it is one of the most prestigious awards in the design landscape across all industries. Since 2012, the German Design Awards have been identifying significant design trends, presenting them to a broad public and honouring them. Every year, extraordinary submissions in product design, communication design and architecture are honoured.

Statement of the jury

„With »RE:SPACE« Rökona Textilwerk offers an interesting range of high-quality technical textiles, which not only impress in terms of function and form, but are also sustainable. The fabric, which is available in various materials and surfaces, is produced using recycled ocean plastic. Here a complete recycling cycle comes into play, which stretches from the raw material to the end product up to reuse. This relieves the burden on our oceans and environment and conserves resources.“

The German Design Awards set the highest standards in terms of selecting their winners: in a unique nomination process, companies whose products and communication design services demonstrably exhibit design excellence are invited to enter. The »Gold« distinction of the German Design Awards is the highest distinction, awarded for excellent, comprehensive and innovative design work. As leading trailblazers, »Gold« title holders provide crucial stimulation for entire industries.