August 1st, 2022

Starting with 383 m²

Our new photovoltaic system – We’re taking another step toward a more sustainable economy while expanding our contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

Our premises in Tübingen conduct full-scale production that requires electricity. A photovoltaic system went into operation there on May 10th, 2022 to facilitate our entry into generating renewable energy. The system’s peak power is 75 KWp. In comparison, a single-family house with a PV system supplying four persons generates peak power of around 6 KWp. The calculations indicate that with this new system we will eliminate approximately 40,000 kg of CO2 emissions each year. An expansion of the system is also planned in the upcoming years.
In addition to the development of our Rökona location in Tübingen, this undertaking also contributes to the development of the city of Tübingen and its planned „Lustnauer Ohren“ solar park located nearby.
“Tübingen’s city government and above all Mayor Boris Palmer absolutely want this system, given that Tübingen is aiming to be completely climate-neutral within eight years.  Measures for achieving this include having so many photovoltaic systems in Tübingen that their combined power output is 200 megawatts. Large roofs on company buildings along with land on the sides of busy roads where no buildings can be constructed anyway offer good location opportunities for these types of facilities.”…

“Moving Toward A Large-Scale Solar Park”, Schwäbisches Tagblatt (newspaper), July 12th, 2022