October 06, 2023

Environmental protection front and centre

Sustainability and the environment play a central role in our company policy. Now, in addition to ISO 9001, ISO 50001 and IATF 16949 certification, we are also certified in accordance with ISO 14001 for our integrated environmental management system.


We are setting the standard for sustainability and environmental protection in the textiles industry with these values. Our latest certification in accordance with ISO 14001 verifies that we are a reliable partner in relation to the constantly increasing expectations for sustainability in companies.

This environmental management system makes it possible for us to take a preventative approach to environmental issues and to replace or augment expensive technologies with integrated production solutions through careful planning. Our environmental management comprises the planning, control, monitoring and improvement of all operational measures for the protection of the environment and for environmentally-oriented operational and employee management. We make a direct, positive contribution to the global challenge of climate change by minimising the negative environmental effects of our textile production with reduced resources, emissions and waste. Headquartered in Tübingen, a city with a Green government, we are meeting our local responsibility for sustainability with this voluntary contribution.

Further information on the issue of sustainability at Rökona:

Power house
Ort voller Energie” District heating project

January 16, 2023

Branding on demand


Medical Face Mask TYPE II
Compliant with DIN EN 14683:2019

Suitable for use by medical professionals in medical facilities for the protection of the entire working environment.
Available with custom branding.

Certified and produced by Rösch.Care

– Soft inner layer
– Microfine middle layer filter
– Water-resistant outer layer

Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE): >99%
Moisture vapor transmission rate (pressure differential): <20.41 PA/cm2
Microbiological purity: ≤10 KBE/g


December 05, 2022

Our STAR with PLA

August 1st, 2022

Starting with 383 m²

Our new photovoltaic system – We’re taking another step toward a more sustainable economy while expanding our contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

Our premises in Tübingen conduct full-scale production that requires electricity. A photovoltaic system went into operation there on May 10th, 2022 to facilitate our entry into generating renewable energy. The system’s peak power is 75 KWp. In comparison, a single-family house with a PV system supplying four persons generates peak power of around 6 KWp. The calculations indicate that with this new system we will eliminate approximately 40,000 kg of CO2 emissions each year. An expansion of the system is also planned in the upcoming years.
In addition to the development of our Rökona location in Tübingen, this undertaking also contributes to the development of the city of Tübingen and its planned „Lustnauer Ohren“ solar park located nearby.
“Tübingen’s city government and above all Mayor Boris Palmer absolutely want this system, given that Tübingen is aiming to be completely climate-neutral within eight years.  Measures for achieving this include having so many photovoltaic systems in Tübingen that their combined power output is 200 megawatts. Large roofs on company buildings along with land on the sides of busy roads where no buildings can be constructed anyway offer good location opportunities for these types of facilities.”…

“Moving Toward A Large-Scale Solar Park”, Schwäbisches Tagblatt (newspaper), July 12th, 2022

May 12, 2022

MOON meets Xbrick®

At the ARENA 2036 research campus, our Moon article is represented amidst Design Thinking Sessions at the design factory’s space as the Xbrick® textile information flyer.

The information area of the design studio wd3 Design displays the intelligent application diversity of Xbrick®, along with our partnership-like collaborative work. The MOON article’s homogenous, shiny surface is ideal for printing, and its Trevira CS certification provides the best conditions for its use in public spaces.

The theme of sustainability welds us together. The Xbrick® concept is single-origin and recyclable, our textile surface has the same properties, and the special sheen is achieved without steaming. Both companies work toward the goal of achieving the highest possible level of sustainability for the products. Xbrick® has been awarded the Focus Open GOLD 2018 prize, while the Moon article is part of the “EFFECTIVE” collection and was equally awarded the Focus Open GOLD prize in 2021.


May 03, 2022

We are represented at the booth 6 M 72 of AFBW from 3rd-5th May 2022 with our „composite textile solutions“. Did you stay at home? Get in contact with us or visit COMPOSITE (roekona.de)

Rökona goes Paris

February 28, 2022

Let´s go cabrio!

We would like to present you our new collection for your cabrio-interior! Different textiles with high-grade designs, all useable as convertible headliner.

Get in contact for information!


February 10, 2022


Every possible current neo-ecological requirement comes together in “Fusion”.

– made of 100% recycled polyester
– single-origin and therefore recyclable
– waterless dyeing: up to 89% water savings potential compared to piece-dyed knits (per 1 kg of knitted fabric)
– sustainable spacer fabric as an alternative to foam cushions
– up to 60% CO2 savings potential compared to piece-dyed knits (per 1 kg of knitted fabric)

The sophisticated design is demonstrated in the high-quality woolly melange surface.
“Globe” also quietly fulfils all of the specified properties one would wish for from a textile developed in the spirit of our time.


February 08, 2022


Our textiles, vegan leather. Single-origin, recyclable, spun-dyed and made of 100% recycled yarns.

Developed at our headquarters in Tübingen, this special article combines the advantages of a textile with the high-grade look and feel of nubuck leather. Both characteristics are created without using any chemical additives.

The special grain of this article is a distinguishing property that makes it a high-quality alternative for leather suitable for use in the interior and other areas in vehicles.


January 05, 2022

the highest distinction

The German Design Awards are the premium award of the German Design Council. With its worldwide spectrum and international appeal, it is one of the most prestigious awards in the design landscape across all industries. Since 2012, the German Design Awards have been identifying significant design trends, presenting them to a broad public and honouring them. Every year, extraordinary submissions in product design, communication design and architecture are honoured.

Statement of the jury

„With »RE:SPACE« Rökona Textilwerk offers an interesting range of high-quality technical textiles, which not only impress in terms of function and form, but are also sustainable. The fabric, which is available in various materials and surfaces, is produced using recycled ocean plastic. Here a complete recycling cycle comes into play, which stretches from the raw material to the end product up to reuse. This relieves the burden on our oceans and environment and conserves resources.“

The German Design Awards set the highest standards in terms of selecting their winners: in a unique nomination process, companies whose products and communication design services demonstrably exhibit design excellence are invited to enter. The »Gold« distinction of the German Design Awards is the highest distinction, awarded for excellent, comprehensive and innovative design work. As leading trailblazers, »Gold« title holders provide crucial stimulation for entire industries.