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For the third year in a row, we’ve received a “Special Mention” award at the 2022 edition of the FOCUS OPEN international design prize ceremony! We’re very pleased about this positive feedback for our work and the appreciation it demonstrates for our AFILIA product!

Enjoy the awards ceremony at Scala in Ludwigsburg once again:

Design Center Baden-Württemberg>> Focus Open 2022 I Die Preisverleihung ( All of the award-winning projects can be viewed at the MIK Ludwigsburg until Nov. 20th, 2022! Museum Ludwigsburg – Designpreis Focus Open.

Although it might look like nubuck on the surface, this material is not made of leather at all. Instead, it consists entirely of recycled polyester – and is therefore a vegan alternative. It´s interesting that the look and feel are achieved by adapting the warp knitting technology rather than by adding special chemicals. What´s more, because the textile is a mono-material, it´s return to the loop is unproblematic. And unlike the processes commonly used, the dyeing method does not rely on water.

Mainly development for the automotive sector, i.e. for items, accents or headliners, nothing actually stands in the way of using the textile in home interiors or the fashion industry as well.

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Ecologically speaking, this semi-finished product certainly points in the right direction: the textile is a mono-material, contains no additives – problematic or otherwise – and can be recycled after use. An intriguing material development whose relevance is by no means limited to the automotive context.

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