we are

2021 GIA award winner in the product group:
Sustainably developed and manufactured technical textiles.

RE:SPACE stands for sustainably developed and manufactured technical textiles.
We implement a complete recycling loop starting with the raw material and extending through its use in the final product, and further on to its recycling. The approach expands the loop, thanks to the fundamental possibility of using recycled material as a raw material. This not only completes the recycling loop, but also contributes to preventing the further growth of existing mountains of waste material. We received the award “WINNER” for this product group, and we are very happy indeed to have received such outstanding appreciation for our concept!


Since 1953, the German Design Council has been one of the world’s leading centers of excellence for communication and knowledge transfer in the field of design, branding and innovation. The Council has always contributed to establishing communication exchange and networks around the world as a part of the global design community, providing international services, newcomer support and memberships. The German Design Council’s events, conferences, competitions, jury sessions and expert panels have connected its members and numerous other international design and brand experts, promotes discussion and provides important impulses for the global economy. Its membership currently consists of more than 340 companies.


Across an array of industries, the German Innovation Award honors products and solutions that are distinguished above all by a user focus and added value over previous solutions. After all, innovations that shape the future and improve life are found in every industry. Sometimes we recognize them right away – but often enough we don’t. The German Innovation Award is out to change that. This award makes great achievements visible for a wide audience and helps ensure their successful positioning on the market.


There are two paths to nomination: Companies that have caught the eye of the German Design Council’s expert bodies receive a nomination, while other interested parties can submit projects that are currently active for consideration, which are then put through the same evaluation process. In both cases, receiving a nomination confirms the heightened innovative character of the project. The German Innovation Award’s competition procedure ensures the independence and excellence of the prize.


The 2021 German Innovation Award is granted in two competition classes: »Excellence in Business to Consumer« and »Excellence in Business to Business«. Additionally, the overriding category »Design Thinking« honors projects that have used innovation methodology such as Design Thinking, Scrum, Lean Startup or Sprint on their pathway to innovation.


The jury is comprised of independent interdisciplinary experts from the worlds of industry, science, institutions and finance. Evaluation of the submissions is conducted on the basis of the criteria: level of innovation, user benefits and economic efficiency. The innovation strategy should reflect aspects such as social, ecological and economic sustainability, along with the deployment of energy and resources. Other factors that play a decisive role in the jury deliberation process include location and employment potential, length of the service life, marketability, technical quality and function, materiality and synergy effects.